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How many times have you read articles or heard about the riches to be made in a home business? If its so profitable, why do they have time to tell you how to become rich rather them themselves. Then we have those who will tell you how to become a millionaire. If they are doing something that made them a millionaire, the last thing they would is tell you. They would just keep on doing their thing to make more millions. Comes under the heading of "bull". I have run a home business as an aUthor and publisher of technical books since 1971. I can tell you now only picking the right business category and the proper product or maybe selling your knowledge is the way to go. If you plan properly and persue profitable areas, you can make money. However don't expect to get rich. This only happens to a few.

The following are a few tips:

  1. If you desire to sell products of others as a distributor, be sure the product is broad spectrum and has an appeal to the masses. My Alternator/Generator/Starter Book does not have wide appeal. However I get $65.98 via magazine ads and $39.98 via Internet. Naturally, the profit margin should be appealing to you
  2. If you have technical, how to or professional knowledge others may want to possess, than that may be an avenue to pursue as an author/publisher. We have authored/published an Author/Publisher Training Manual that will put you on the fast track. The cost for this business is modest
  3. Advertising your product or services is extremely important. You can advertise on the Internet via web pages on the World Wide Web. However this is not enough, you must also advertise in the appropriate magazines and publications
  4. If you're computer literate your invoices, potential and existing customer mailing lists can be printed out on mailing labels plus having all records on a hard or floppy disk. In addition, checks and records are in the computer, not paper work clutterng up all closets and garage. If authoring a book, all your page masters can be done on the computer and printed out. If you make a mistake and want to correct or add text, these changes can be made simply--goodbye white out. You do not need to use a computer to accomplish these goals; however it's just a big time saver and organizer.
  5. Prepare sales fliers and cover letters and in a manner that comes to the point quickly and in a appealing, motivating manner.
  6. Do not become disappointed if failing with a product/services you are promoting, just keep trying until something works. I failed so many times the count has been lost; however along the way were successes I am still enjoying today. Information presented is only general to give some insight into a home business. If you really are serious, then you need my book.,"Starting and Running a Home Business" (see order form below).
  7. If you want to become Author/Publisher, you need my Author/Publisher Training Manual. Includes material previously discussed. Except for the "Starting abnd Running a Home Business" book other publications can be viewed via web pages on the World Wide Web: Author/Publisher Training Manual.


Author/Publisher: Harold G. Hedelund
Experience Summary: Author/Publisher Technical/How to books, manuals, correspondence courses, technical/how to publications. Previous Senior Member of the Technical Staff with electronic and microelectronic firms. Former rebuilder of automotive alternators, generators, and starters. Designer of electrical test equipment. Previous co-owner of real estate corporation, and Veterans Administration Property Management Broker.


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