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Increase business profits/enhance customer satisfaction by REBUILDING YOUR OWN Starter Motors to desired quality specifications. Fill in employees down time during slack hours by purchasing cores to rebuild and fill in stock to be sold to individuals or Mechanics. It is not necessary to have technical knowledge or presently be in the automotive business to enter this profession. Our book(s) are written in plain language anyone can understand. We developed Techniques/Procedures. Selling units to fussy Mechanics for verification under actual operation have proved these techniques. Tooling and test equipment (described in book) was designed and developed specifically for our procedures. We tell how to build using plumbing pipe and connectors.  In addition we describe in text and illustrations (figures) how to build your own torque tester. An individual may negate book cost via savings realized by rebuilding a unit on their own cars. Purchase the HH Technologies/Hedelund Engineering Detailed Book of Automotive Starter Rebuilding Book (*with services).

  1. Detailed easy to follow publication describing and illustrating techniques for rebuilding automotive starters, A list of  test equipment firms is included with book purchase.
  2. * A list of rebuilding parts manufacturers and suppliers is sent with book.
  3. * Low cost technical consulting service by phone (see details included with book with services purchase).
  4. * Sample Installation (on car) Instruction/Guarantee sheet (used to to be included with units rebuilt and sold) is included.

                       B O O K  O U T L I N E

  1. Theory of Automotive Starters
  2. Starter Inspection & pre-testing
  3. Disassembly & Cleaning Techniques
  4. Bushing (sleeve bearing) Removal & Replacement
  5. Armature and Field Housing Assembly, Inspection, Testing & Reconditioning
  6. >
  7. Drive Removal and Replacement
  8. Final Assembly and Electrical Torque Testing
  9. Pre-Paint Cleaning Techniques and Painting

APPENDIX I   Catalogs, Product Information, presented

                        A U T H O R  B A C K G R O U N D  D A T A

AUTHOR/PUBLISHER: Harold G. Hedeland
Employed/self employed in electrical or electronics profession .Positions held include: electric motor rebuilder, electrician, and positions with electronics companies as Systems Test Engineer, Senior Engineer, Staff Engineer, and Senior Member of the Technical Staff. Previously self-employed as rebuilder of automotive alternators, Generators, Starters, Voltage Regulators, and Designer of Electrical Test Equipment. Former Veterans Administration Property Manager Broker. Former Co-Owner of a Real Estate Corporation. BSEE          

Order form for Starter Book with services* $ 39.98 U.S Dollars + $6.98 S & H
Foreign countries add $20.00 U.S. dollars for S & H insurance.
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(4)   In USA, orders accompanied by money order, certified or cashiers check, will be shipped quickly; others will require a minimum three-week wait.
Only money orders or bank drafts in U.S. Dollars will be accepted from foreign countries.

(5)   No refunds or returns are permitted. This is because a book could be illegally reproduced or read and the knowledge absorbed.


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                        Detailed Book of Automnotive Starter Rebuilding*: $39.98 (U.S.Dollars)


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